Dr. R. Scott Palmer, Ph.D.
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My approach

I understand that when you arrive in my office that you want your life to be different. You may have specific goals or have a vision of how you want your life to be. On the other hand, you may not know what you want; instead, you just know that your life isn't working the way you want and you want help figuring it out. My approach is to form a trusting relationship where we can awaken solutions to having a rewarding life and realizing your life's potential. I am happy to focus on one specific area that you want to change or to take a longer journey of realizing your full potential.

People often ask me what schools of therapy and traditions guide the way I do therapy. Below are some of my biggest therapeutic influences and we will select approaches that resonate with you.

Solution-Focused Therapy: I focus on helping you find pragmatic solutions for the present and the future. We look at what is already working and what barriers you are facing to having the life you want. We identify ways to achieve your goals using your strengths. Psychotherapeutic Research find that using client developed goals to guide the therapy helps improve therapeutic outcomes.

Relational: Building a strong therapeutic relationship is the primary factor in achieving therapeutic success. This relationship will foster your being able to discover solutions to your difficulties and awaken to your potential.

Client Directed: I help you to achieve goals using therapeutic tools that you help select. I am transparent in what I am doing in therapy and we use tools from client directed outcome therapy to see if you are achieving improvement and getting the service you want from me.

Integral Psychotherapy: I work with you to integrate all the different aspects of yourself, particularly, the body, mind, spirit, and shadow. I use this more with people wanting to awaken to their full potential and spiritual development.

Wisdom and Mindfulness Traditions: For those that want, we can use the wisdom, insight, and tools from contemplative and meditative traditions, indigenous traditions, mystical traditions, body-mind practices and Tai Chi.