Dr. R. Scott Palmer, Ph.D.
(530) 518-2926
22 Williamsburg Lane, Suite A
Chico, CA 95926


If you have any questions about starting therapy or you'd like to set up an appointment, please contact us directly so we can personally answer your questions.   For Dr. Palmer please call 530-518-2926 or email dr.palmer@awakeningsolutionscounseling.com .    For Dr. Carlile please call 530-520-1957 or email dr.carlile@awakeningsolutionscounseling.com . For Alva De La Torre-Peña please call 530-321-0123 or email alva@awakeningsolutionscounseling.com .
Payment and Rates
Payment is expected at time of service in cash or check. $175 per 50 minutes individual, couples, or family session. $200 per hour for psychological testing and evaluation.
Aly Carlile and Alva De La Torre-Peña serve Medicare, Victim Witness and Private Pay clients. Dr. Palmer gladly accepts Butte County Victim Witness, Medicare, Private Pay Clients, Aetna, and some Blue Shield Plans. Additionally, if Dr. Palmer is not a network provider on your health insurance, he is willing to serve as an out-of-network benefit for mental health services if your insurance will reimburse you for his services. Payment for out-of-network clients is expected at time of service, but Dr. Palmer's billing service will bill the health insurance company and the insurance company will reimburse you according to the insurance company's terms. Please check your coverage carefully by asking the following questions:

• What is my deductible and has it been met?

• What is the coverage amount per therapy session?

Office and Directions

22 Williamsburg Lane
 Chico, CA 95926

Awakening Solutions Counseling is located in the Stonebridge Office Complex.   If entering from Esplanade Ave, the entrance with a Stonebridge is located between the Italian Cottage and the Sin of Cortez.   Take Williamsburg Lane to the back and use parking lot to the right.

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