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What to Expect?

Since you know your life better than anyone else, we'll use your existing abilities and wisdom to help awaken new strengths and skills. Every person has the inner resources to have rewarding relationships, meaningful work, and growth as well as to be filled with hope, love, joy, and peace. We can help you develop strategies to tap into these resources and reduce your stress, anxiety, and distress. Together we can find ways for you to awaken to new possibilities and improve your life.

Dependent on your goals, several months will provide significant improvement while a year or more may maximize your results.

Short Term

You should begin to see positive results after 4-8 weekly sessions, particularly in reduced emotional distress in your life. Research suggests that if after eight (8) sessions you are not starting to get the results you want from therapy, then there are three possible problems and associated solutions: (1) the therapy method isn't working for you so a different method may be more appropriate, (2) the therapist isn't a good match and a different therapist may be more effective, (3) or therapy may not be the right path for you and a non-therapy alternative may be more helpful to reach your goals. If therapy is not effective with us, we will provide a referral to another therapist or suggest non-therapy options that can help you find solutions to reach your goals.


While significant emotional distress can be reduced in 4-8 weekly sessions, it is generally wise to continue therapy for longer to ensure that the benefits are long lasting.

While therapy is particularly effective for healing and reducing emotional distress, therapy can also be effective for helping you reach your full potential in life. We are happy to work with you over the long-term as a life coach to achieve your personal and professional goals.